Brief tips for before and after the massage

Brief tips for before and after the massage

In this article, we are going to present you some tips before and after receiving a massage with the aim of improving and boosting your results.

That a massage is excellent for “calming the nerves”, relax, feel a sense of well-being and pleasure and gives strength and motivation for the day to day, everyone knows. What many do not know is that with some simple details before and after receiving the massage it is possible to enhance the benefits and effects of a massage session.

Before massage

Off-mobile-devices-during-massage It is fundamental that before the massage the client disconnects his mobile phone and any other device that can disturb his rest. And if you are a manual therapist, do not hesitate or feel sorry to remind the client, you will see how much you thank him as he.

Brief tips for before and after the massage

The most important thing is to relax completely! Do not hold your breath or squeeze your muscles during the massage. Also disconnect your mind to external elements, neutralising any type of thinking, because, in addition, massage is an energy exchange between the masseur and you. You can lso have a great hand massage like massage at home if you can afford this most expensive massage chair i.e. Inada sogno one, which is the best massage chair in market for $8000.

Because massage increases blood circulation, it is also good to prevent the person from being on a full stomach, but also avoid having to spend too much time not eating.

After the massage

Tips-Before-After-After-Massage After relaxing your body and your mind it is advisable to take certain precautions to continue that feeling of well-being. What good is receiving a massage session and then spend hours and hours in front of the computer with a bad posture?

In sports, relaxation days, after a session of 1 or 2 hours of massage, athletes sometimes combine with the sauna, jacuzzi … since the heat is an additional ally for relaxation.

And as the muscles have been massaged, as a complement, it is also interesting to do stretching. Thus, it is possible to maximise the benefits to the body after the massage session.


These tips are useful for relaxing your mind during the massage, without the risk of distractions or interruptions during the duration of the session, as well as enhance and extend the benefits that massage can provide.

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