Food Fantasy apk for Android with Tips and Tricks to Win

Food Management

It is a kind of the best Restaurant management game that gives you a chance to establish your own restaurant. You open a world-class restaurant and introduce a variety of food items there. Hire new staff to manage your restaurant and discover a wide range of food recipes known as Food Souls in the game and show your abilities to manage the restaurant properly. The game developers “The Evil Fallen Angel Invasion” introduced this addictive and fun game with a lot of amazing features you enjoy while playing the game.

Food Fantasy Restaurant Creation

Salient Features of Food Fantasy

Let’s explore the salient features of this fun game to know in-depth about it.

It is a food inspired game where you need to collect a variety of food recipes from all around the world with unique traits and looks. The exotic taste of these recipes gives you a real mouth-watering feel. A lot of food souls (live characters in the game) including Boston Lobster, Cappuccino, Spaghetti, Spanish omelette and much more is waiting for you.

The game comes with Research and Creation feature. You do research and discover new dishes by using the experimental power. There are a variety of things you can take part to move ahead. The game builds your talent and skills related to the restaurant management. You show your expertise in summoning the food souls and discovering the new food souls. You need to collect as much food souls as you can. It gives you good points and rewards.

You have the chance to create your own restaurant with unique features. You can introduce there a wide range of recipes from around the world. You can customize the presentation and decoration of your restaurant. You can customize the furniture, settings and order of the furniture to bring a new harmony in the place. So, be an owner of a 5-star restaurant and enjoy a perfect management.

Food Souls

You will find the voiceovers the food souls by the renowned Japanese voice actors: Natsuki Hanae, Ayane, Miyuki and Kensho Ono, etc. These talented voice actors effuse a new soul into these food souls and made them live characters.

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There are a lot of food combos that turn your restaurant into the battlefield. These combinations include Coffee & Milk, Chocolate & Tiramisu, Red Wine & Steak and many more mouth-watering combos. These combinations keep you busy all the time by turning your 5-star restaurant into a battlefield and you remain busy in managing the combinations properly.

The game is absolutely free to download. However, there are some game items you can purchase with the real money. If you believe in your skills and abilities and you do not intend to use this option, just enable “Password Protection” for in-app purchasing.

You can download and play the game if you are 12 years of age or above. If you are below 12 years, according to the terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you can’t download it.

When you try to download this game, it asks your permission to read your SD card’s content. If you do not grant permission, you can’t download it.

File Information

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How to Download & Install Food Fantasy apk

Food Fantasy is available in apk for your Android phone and tablet. You can play it in landscape mode on both the devices. Just follow the instructions below to download and Install this addictive game.

Click the “Download” button at the bottom of the page to start the downloading process.

The file size is 77MB and it takes a bit time to complete the downloading process. So, you need to have some patience for a while.

Once, the download is over, open the Downloads and tap the downloaded apk of the game. It shows you an option “Install” at the bottom of the page. Just tap this option to move ahead.

Now it will start the installation process. Once it is over, tap “Open” that appears on the screen and the game launches here. Enjoy playing the game.

Food Fantasy Tips and Tricks to Win

When you try to farm different ingredients, you fight against your opponents. Every battle is not an easy task to win. As you proceed, it becomes almost impossible to get 3 stars on every level. So, you need to follow some tips and techniques to win the game and to defeat your opponents.

First of all, you need to constitute a strong team of food souls. This team should consist of the rare combinations. You need to increase the skill. Fallen angels play a vital part in this context. You can select them to get a bonus.

When you start the game, you receive a free UR Rank food soul. You need to increase its power and claim it within 20 days. See on the main page. You will find the Benefits option on the top right corner. Tap this option to check the list of targets to achieve for claiming the UR Rank food soul.

You need to join the game if you have enhanced cooking skills and talent. If you do not know about kitchen and cooking, you should not try this game at all. A worse cooking skill can damage the influential power of food souls and thus, you get no points with a damaged skill.

Food Management

You also need to eradicate the Fallen Angels in the game. The Fallen Angels are basically live characters with villainous characteristics. They try to interrupt your business now and then. They try to destroy everything you have built. So, you need to destroy these villainous characters. Two big names among them are Binge and Gluttony. You have to fight with them to save your restaurant and it gives you high points if you kill Gluttony and Binge. The eradication of other bad forces also matters, but your major aim should be to kill these bigger monsters.

If you keep upgrading your restaurant, it will increase your profit. You need to change the settings in a novel way. Just change the theme of the restaurant and add more attraction to the environment. You need to play wisely to unlock higher levels and thus, keep winning.

In Food Souls, try to collect the precious ones to get a high score. Milk, Lobster and Steak give you high points as they are considered heroes of the game. So, you need to collect them for a high score.

Farm wisely on every level of the game. For example, if you are playing the initial levels, from 1st to 3rd level, you get good points if you farm pork belly and potatoes because you need these two ingredients in these levels. So, you need to farm the ingredients that are important for that level. If you grow irrelevant ingredients, it will not give you any points.

There are some tip points you get when you give service to your customers. These are small points you get from them and you waste them. You can spend them in buying small ingredients. Just spend these points to buy the magic bottle, spirit, syringe and shards of the character, etc. These small items keep high worth in the game when you need to apply on the injuries after a combat.