Earn Money As a Writer Online in Your Free Time

If you are one of those people who delight in writing and you can do it for hours, even without receiving anything in return, then this opportunity is for you.Today I want to tell you how to earn money by writing in your spare time on the Internet. This is very easy if you have the necessary information, which I will share with you today. Imagine earning about $ 5 or $ 10 (dollars or euros) a day During your free time, that really does not hurt anyone, because then I invite you to continue reading this article and find out how to do it.

Online writer Well, lets me explain more or less what this is about. Today the Internet represents a great opportunity for those who want to make money by writing, one of those opportunities has been generated through the business of Blogs, which are pages that provide information on various topics, and many Internet users We access when we are looking for such information.

Some of the most important Blogs on the Internet, usually belong to a large network of Blogs, which are longer words compared to a single person creating a Blog to make money on their own, which is also possible.These large networks of Blogs publish daily in all their Blogs hundreds of articles, and its main asset is its content, for that same reason every day are in the search of new and fresh content to publish, which is why they offer jobs as a content editor To anyone who is willing to create content for them.

Earn Money As a Writer Online in Your Free Time
2 very good pages where you can find opportunities
1.) The first one is FindaBlogger, this is a page where daily offers of this type are published so that anyone interested can access it. This also makes a small charge to those who publish the offers, so that it is more serious and thus avoiding deceptive offers.

2.) The second is Weblogs SL, which is a fairly large and very professional Blogs network, here you can also apply as a writer, you just have to contact them, so that you can reach an agreement.

Some suggestions to get started
It is very important that you master or at least you like a specific topic that you are going to write, such as: business, cooking recipes, news of any kind, fashion, leisure, health, beauty, etc.

These networks of Blogs appreciate that you dominate a subject very well and that you write with the criterion.They demand that each article has a minimum of 300 or 500 words, they are willing to pay you from $ 5 to $ 10 (dollars or euros) for each article you write, as long as they are good and interesting.Then you can realize that the amount of money you earn depends on how much you want to put this, if you are a very good person can write quietly about 3 daily articles of good quality, which can represent an excellent extra money.if you haven’t got any previously experience to work on blogs then don’t worry you can try web-based spinning tool that helps you to spin any kind of content in unique article that you can you in your blog or website.

Well, I have only to tell you that if you really like this type of business, do not think it over and try, you really do not lose anything with trying, since as we mentioned at the beginning, it’s not bad at making a money Extra in your spare time quietly from your house.You can also earn money by writing in well-known forums of Internet, here we leave an article in which we mentioned one of these Forums look at it here.

How To cool Down Laptop While Gaming

Many laptops are overheated due to the blockage of fan on the bottom, so that why hard drive fails rapidly. Too much overheated laptop get everyone irritated which led them to lose interest in the game by following the given instruction. you can keep your laptop cooler and running efficiently.

Find solid flat surface: You should find hard flat surface such as table. The floor is not perfect because it gather dust particles more easily and rapidly. The word laptops contain “lap” in their name, keep in mind to never place them on your lap for a long circle of time for the cause that fabrics will jam the airflow, the dust, air particles and hair will be soaked up by the fan and it might overheat.

Remove dust particles: One reason of the heat up is the dust particles. Dust and air particles can clog vents on the laptop, limiting circulation. You can buy a can of compressed air and spray it into the vents in quick, short bursts. Before doing this keep in mind that machine should be powered off and unplugged. For cleaning visible dust particles you can use cotton swab or computer vacuum you can also open your panels and approach your fans directly.

How To cool Down Laptop While Gaming

Laptop stand or cooling mat: You should try to purchase laptop stand if you can afford. Because it help a lot in cooling down laptop. You can also buy cooling mat. If you can’t find out the mat then try to place a baking sheet topsy-turvy on top of frozen vegetables.

Look at the laptop’s settings: Check your settings, is they are up to date and ready to handle the graphics load? Don’t update your software if your software is fine. Turn down screen’s brightness, unplugging U.S.B.-powered devices.

Avoid overcharging: Leaving your computer plugged in even after it’s been fully charged will damage your battery.unpluged the charger before sleeping,

Standing fan: You can use stand fan or cooler near your laptop for cold air which will prevent the laptop from overheating and drop its temperature. You should try to work in a cold places where temperature is not so high and never put your laptop direct in the sunlight or in a car.

Don’t put burden on laptop: Do not attached USB device or coping the CD, downloading the movies, games or using internet simultaneously.

Time management: Try to reduce your time that you spend on your laptop. Continuously using the laptop for several hours will make your laptop very warm.

Give it rest: Don’t sleep or shut down again and again every other minute. If you turn on the laptop then do not turn off immediately.

By following these above instruction your laptop will remain cooldown while gamming for a long time your hard drive will not fails quickly. You will be free from overheating tension and you will never lose interest in playing games.