How To cool Down Laptop While Gaming

Many laptops are overheated due to the blockage of fan on the bottom, so that why hard drive fails rapidly. Too much overheated laptop get everyone irritated which led them to lose interest in the game by following the given instruction. you can keep your laptop cooler and running efficiently.

Find solid flat surface: You should find hard flat surface such as table. The floor is not perfect because it gather dust particles more easily and rapidly. The word laptops contain “lap” in their name, keep in mind to never place them on your lap for a long circle of time for the cause that fabrics will jam the airflow, the dust, air particles and hair will be soaked up by the fan and it might overheat.

Remove dust particles: One reason of the heat up is the dust particles. Dust and air particles can clog vents on the laptop, limiting circulation. You can buy a can of compressed air and spray it into the vents in quick, short bursts. Before doing this keep in mind that machine should be powered off and unplugged. For cleaning visible dust particles you can use cotton swab or computer vacuum you can also open your panels and approach your fans directly.

How To cool Down Laptop While Gaming

Laptop stand or cooling mat: You should try to purchase laptop stand if you can afford. Because it help a lot in cooling down laptop. You can also buy cooling mat. If you can’t find out the mat then try to place a baking sheet topsy-turvy on top of frozen vegetables.

Look at the laptop’s settings: Check your settings, is they are up to date and ready to handle the graphics load? Don’t update your software if your software is fine. Turn down screen’s brightness, unplugging U.S.B.-powered devices.

Avoid overcharging: Leaving your computer plugged in even after it’s been fully charged will damage your battery.unpluged the charger before sleeping,

Standing fan: You can use stand fan or cooler near your laptop for cold air which will prevent the laptop from overheating and drop its temperature. You should try to work in a cold places where temperature is not so high and never put your laptop direct in the sunlight or in a car.

Don’t put burden on laptop: Do not attached USB device or coping the CD, downloading the movies, games or using internet simultaneously.

Time management: Try to reduce your time that you spend on your laptop. Continuously using the laptop for several hours will make your laptop very warm.

Give it rest: Don’t sleep or shut down again and again every other minute. If you turn on the laptop then do not turn off immediately.

By following these above instruction your laptop will remain cooldown while gamming for a long time your hard drive will not fails quickly. You will be free from overheating tension and you will never lose interest in playing games.




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