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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds makes you a secret agent who has a mission impossible with the real battles and the real weapons. You will enjoy playing this thrilling and action game every moment. Be ready to alight on an island where you have to defeat your opponents and you will take every possible step to survive.

PUBG's New Desert

Salient Features of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground

Let’s move to the salient features to know what this addictive game has brought for you.

Be the one among 100 players who have been parachuted on a small island. You need to search your weapons and vehicles to defeat your 99 opponents. The 8×8 km island starts shrinking and you are at such shrinking island to win the battle by defeating other players. If you survive after killing every opponent, you win the game.

The graphics of the game are high-quality. The Unreal Engine 4 shows its full strength and creates the true to life visual experience. The real visuals of the action do not let you blink your eyes. The HD quality audio creates 3D sound effects to make you really involved in the game.

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You have a variety of vehicles you can use to look for your rival players. You can use cars, trucks, motorbike or even the boats to search for them everywhere. You can customize these vehicles as per your needs. Just find them out, fight with them and kill them skillfully. Make sure your enemy does not attack your weapons. Just kill them and be the last survivor on the island to stand as a winner of the game.

Available Vehicles in PUBG

The game allows you to team up with your mates. If you want to play the game online, your friends can join your team and you can play the game in Squad mode. Just invite your friends and constitute your squad. You can plan with them to win the battle by using the Voice Chat feature of the game. So, build your own team to beat your friends and enjoy the winning position.

The game comes with a fair environment and you enjoy the game in an anti-cheat environment. It contains an anti-cheat mechanism that is very powerful and does not let you or your opponents cheat each other. However, you can use strategies to win the game. But the environment is cheat-free and fair.

It is not just a game. You feel that you have become a better planner and your observation is going to be polished. So, the game polishes your skills and abilities. You become keener observer with a better planning for an event.

Tips and Tricks to Win PlayerUnknown’s Battleground

Although the game comes with a powerful mechanism to stop cheats. However, there are some strategies and tricks you can use to win the game. Here they are. Read them thoroughly and understand them well before starting the game to ensure your success.

When you are on the plane, you need to select a place where you will land. Here, you should avoid selecting a populated area such as a big town or city. Just select a safe little place where you can loot some equipment safely, after all, your safety is most important in the game.

If you are playing in “Pre-game” mode, just run barefooted. If you are running with the shoes on, the running will make a noise that will warn your enemies and they will be alert. So, be quiet and run safely on the ground to remain unnoticeable by your enemies.

Don’t waste your time in refueling your vehicle in a static condition. If you want to refuel your car while it is going on, just right-click the canister and it will do the rest.

If you are playing in the “Squad” mode, just mark the map and give every direction a number to make your team understand where they need to go. Moreover, you need to set the voice chat in “Party-only” mode. If you do not use this feature, you will overhear the enemy voices too and all voices will start mingling up without making a sense.

Remember! There are not two types of aiming. You can hit your enemies with three types of aiming. The first one is the Hip fire that can be done by keep pressing the right mouse button. The second one is called ADS i.e. aiming down sights. Just tap the right mouse-button for once to use it. Another aiming is used by pressing the left-click.

War Mode in PUBG

You need to behave very cunningly in the game. When the game starts, all doors are closed. If a door is not closed, it means someone has gone through it. So, when you leave a place, shut the door behind you to dodge others that nobody is there.

Initially, do not search for the vehicles. Just look for the AR rifles, a bulletproof vest, helmet to protect yourself from head injuries and some medical stuff to heal up the injuries. Later, you can search for some more stuff.

You can bait the people with a simple trick. If someone is coming towards a closed door and you are behind it, just leave the loot there on the floor. When your enemy comes in to grab your stuff, just shoot him in the back. It saves your time and gives you points in less time.

You need to use the vehicles wisely. It is good to cover the large distance with the help of a vehicle in a short time. But the noise from driving them can draw the attention of other people and they will be warned. So, be safe and use them until it is unavoidable.

Remember! If you know the important hotkeys and controls, there will be no hindrance in your way to success. So, before starting the game, you and your friends need to memorize important hotkeys and controls. For example, when you are parachuting from the plane, you need to know that you can look around without moving your body by pressing “Alt” on the keyboard and by pressing the RB on Xbox. In the same way, remember all the important controls and win the game.

File Information

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How to Download & Install PlayerUnknow’s Battleground apk

Click the button given at the end of the page to start the downloading process of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.

The file size is 88MB and it takes some minutes or so in downloading. So, wait for a while and have some patience.

(Make sure you have “Enabled” the Unknown Resources option from the Settings of your phone. Otherwise, you can’t install it)

When it is over, just tap the downloaded link and tap “Install” at the bottom of the page.

It will start the installation process.

It takes a couple of minutes. Tap “Open” to launch the game. Here is your favorite game. Enjoy playing it in your favorite mode to beat your enemies.

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